Fake news aka fake weight loss or butt gain

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STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS! You know…some people don’t tell you the complete truth about their weight loss or booty gains journey so stop comparing yourself to others - because people won’t tell you they starved themselves to get in a dress size or took some „magic pills“ pills to speed up their weight loss or they are taking unnatural booty-pop poses. Some people want to make the journey seem like it’s simple and easy – to sell you something! 

Seriously! This 1000kcal-magic-tea or booty-band-building trend isn’t about health or fitness — it’s about selling you stuff!

Detox teas and other crap - yes, I've put my money in there too. Or eat 500 kcal and lose weight miraculously ... hmmm... a relatively old topic ...

For today's topic, I got inspiration from Kamila - she's amazing Spanish bikini fitnes athlete and personal trainer - who has to explain to customers again and again that in real life weight loss and booty gains don’t happen as fast as on Instagram. I believe there are many coaches who have to explain to impatient customers over and over again - yes, you've done so well for four weeks, but really… nope…you didn’t get plus ten centimeters to your gluteus - and that's normal.

You know these #bootygains influencers - small waist, flat abs, and a toned upper body (though it seems always to be leg day) - with their resistance bands and "grueling" booty plans  creating the illusion and sell you something. A closer look all too often, however, you can see that it is purely genetics - they seem ideal and slender – but they simply collect fat in the "right" way and to the "right" place aka booty :D.

I agree - booty bands are functional, cheap and fit perfectly in your suitcase. Plus, they can help you get in a killer workout whether you're at home, in the gym, or on the road – they are also great for warmu-ps to activate the glutes and get the most out of your workout. I use them too!

But to BUILD the muscles you need to use real weights. If you’re serious about building your booty, you also need to get serious about your nutrition. Eating the right foods, at the right times makes a massive difference to the way your glutes will maintain or build muscle, or, if done incorrectly, lose muscle. If you are eating low calories or very low carbs, you are likely starving your muscles of the nutrients they require to grow. If you want to build muscle, you need to overload the muscles and consume the right amounts of the right foods! Make sure you're lifting heavy, eating enough calories packed with protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats. Getting enough sleep and giving yourself time to recover is important, too – muscle grows just at rest!


And the most important – don’t be fooled - you can’t build rounded peachy glutes in 4-8-12 weeks!!! Muscle-building results are slow - it takes a lots of time and effort…that's probably why some women get discouraged when they don't start seeing booty gainz right away...and so they are jumping from one fad to another. 

But actually they only trick is to stick to the basics, give constant overload and stay consistent.

Living in constant guilt…
Where does fat go?

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