Where does fat go?

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There are very different phrases - fat melts, fat burns, we sweat fat out - and none of it is really wrong, because this "burning" effect is needed to reduce fat tissue ;)

Almost every day I am asked how to lose weight, lose five kilos, lose weight, etc.… at the same time, in fact, they don't just want to lose weight, but to get rid of fat :).

Just a few days ago, I explained to a talented gymnast in a very simplified way how, as far as I know, body fat will go away, and I thought I would share this view with you here and it would be good to hear your opinions :)
There is a lot of talk about how we get fat, because it is also very logical - excess carbohydrates and proteins are converted into triglycerides in our body, and if there are too many triglycerides in the bloodstream, some of them are stored in fat cells. Adipose tissue triglycerides are an important source of energy in the body, accounting for 83-87% of the human body's energy stores, and for example, in a total hunger situation, an average 70kg person will survive with 11-15kg of body fat for about two months.

Bodyfat consists of fat (triglycerides = glycerol + fatty acids) and also contains 10% water, 2% protein (collagen) and 0.1% glycogen.
Fatty acids, or triglycerides, are mainly synthesized in the liver and adipose tissue and are also obtained from food. Dietary triglycerides are absorbed through the epithelial cells of the small intestinal mucosa and enter the blood through the lymphatics, chylomicrons (spheres of protein and fat).

However, the most important fact for today's topic - fatty acids and triglycerides are organic substances that contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

Human body fat is made up of about 75% carbon atoms, and fat or triglyceride molecules can only be broken down by breaking the bonds between these three atoms (carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen), or by oxidizing triglycerides.
Therefore, there are actually only two ways to reduce body fat.
First, when the basic needs of the body are met, eat less food than the actual need - which reduces the number of carbon atoms stored in the body.
And second, by exercising or otherwise increasing your body's oxygen intake so that your body needs to use more carbon atoms than you need per day (which raises your body temperature to release more heat and in turn makes you breathe faster or deeper - causing you to exhale more carbon atoms). During training, in addition to muscle, adipose tissue is also transformed, and when fat is trained, it becomes more metabolically active and fat cell oxidation is more active. As a result of oxidation, triglycerides are broken down into carbon dioxide and water.

From this formula we also get the answer - if the energy is consumed and the formed water will leave the body through urine, faeces, sweat, breath, tears or other body fluids, then we exhale a large part of the body fat mass as carbon dioxide! Soooo pamparabaaa… outgoing fat evaporates literally into the air :)!

However, I would pay special attention to the first half of the presented formula - adipose tissue or triglycerides + oxygen. And not just oxygen, but the oxygen that our body needs during exercise. Therefore, when choosing fat burn, the selected activity and physical activity should be exactly the one that qualifies in terms of its intensity in the "classic fat burning heart rate range", where it makes you a bit sweat, but you are not out of breath ;)

Without any emotions, the logic is simple - if you don't achieve one or both of these goals, the formula won't work and your body won't be able to get rid of the carbon atoms stored in adipose tissue.


But why is it more difficult for a person who has lost a lot of weight to keep up?

Fat cells are created during a lifetime - just to store excess energy somewhere - but when the body's fat percentage falls, the fat cells don't just disappear. If a person of normal weight has about 25-30 billion fat cells, then in obesity this number increases to 40-100 billion!

However, fat cells not only store energy but also send out various signal molecules, and with these signals fat interacts with the rest of the organism - what and how much to eat, when to spend the energy etc. - an interesting and exciting topic that is not covered here today :).
In addition, our adipose tissue has both beneficial and harmful fat cells - which is also a completely separate topic :).
In other words, it's clear - the more fat cells there are and the more their signals are damaged, the more likely it is that the fat cells will send a hunger signal to the brain or ignore the fact that the fat cells are already full.

How do you feel? Sounds that logical :)?

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