Notice your progress

Ask yourself, “How have I evolved?”. Photos from my first and from my last photoshoot with @happyemotionsphotography.

Picture on the left was taken in Spring 2018 and the right one in Autumn 2019...soooo...1,5 years between those photos..

Actually both of those photos are taken close to the stage and I’m in great, top-class shape (European Vice-Champion 2018 vs World Champion 2019).

But the difference comes from the knowledge...about posing and knowing how to show my body...and definitely from my self-awareness and courage to cooperate with photographer.

Take some time to reflect on your past.

Think back on your past and take credit for the work and improvements you have made in your life. This will give you confidence that you can evolve once again.

Once you find something that interests you, expand upon it. Learn more through research, asking questions, and being active...

Pursue self-mastery. Mastering self should not be confused with perfection. The only perfect thing about self-mastery is knowing that you are perfectly imperfect. This is a wonderful place to be. It leaves room for growth, higher consciousness, and evolution.

You can achieve unknown levels of satisfaction and contentment when you reach peaks that once seemed unrealistic. When you’re on a path towards self-evolution just keep going. Trust and believe everything you're going through is preparing you for some request you put out into the Universe.

Where does fat go?
About decisions and choices :)

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