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Yesterday I had a perfect fitness date at Fitness Village with amazing athlete and lifestyle coach @fitliis - included heavy weights and lots of laughs, but also deeper discussions about mindset and choosing...aaaand...as my Insta followers could see - as a cherry on the top, we visited magical place named “Gateau” - they have amazing pastries and I seriously cannot resist to their cardamom and cinnamon swirls :D.
And a little side-note to make it clear - as I got many DM questions about how can I have something like that on my prep - carbs are not going to make you fat! Instead - carbohydrates can help you with the muscle growth and regeneration after training - if you’ll skip carbs...you cheat on your muscles and limit their regeneration. Btw...yesterday I also walked a lot...~23km all together. But even if you are limiting your carb intake - the time after exercising is the best for using carbohydrates and it will help you to utilize also other supplements and etc. But that’s not the topic we are going to talk about today :)
Today’s topic grow out from our discussion with Liis - about working towards our ultimate goals, and not sabotaging ourselves during this - kind of unnatural - journey. So let’s discuss about sacrifices, decisions and choices today.

Sometimes I can disagree with the ideas of Tony Robbins, but that one I really love - 

“If you think it’s a sacrifice, you shouldn’t do it.”

Confusing? Might be :)... but I’ll explain how it clicks with me.

If you change your mindset from” I’m sacrificing something” to “I’m choosing something,” you’re prioritizing your life. You are no longer looking at what you’re missing out on...instead, you look at what you’re getting out of your life. 

But you can say - so often I’ve decided to change my habits, my mindset, my current situation - but I still always fall back. 

Let’s check the difference - decisions vs. choices.

Decisions are more of a process orientation - meaning we are going through analysis and steps to eliminate (or, cut off) options.

With choice - it is more of a mindset approach, meaning we have a perception of what the right or wrong choice may be.

Does this matter? I believe it does - decision comes from “cutting off”...while choice comes from “to perceive.” We can spend our lifetime making all sorts of decisions...yet we spend little - if any, time making choices...based on our decisions. 

That’s the key - decision is not enough...you have to make a choice! Make a commitment to one or the other decision. This is the game changer and it’s the most difficult step. But by doing this, by making a choice and a commitment you are CHOOSING your own path. 

How many times have you heard: “But, I don’t have a choice”? I have heard this statement over and over again - it is the classic excuse or rationalisation for not taking responsibility. It is an easy way to remove or evade the guilt or negative emotion. But...In reality, we always have a choice!!

There is mounting evidence that mindset is the foundation for high performance and resilience. Perfect reason to take the action and bring your life to the next level by adapting “Choice Mindset” - it empowers you to choose your life and to create the life you want. Take a challenge and in 90 days you can see how it eliminates excuses, generates success and improvement...and definitely enables the higher road and lifts you to display integrity and authenticity. It’s the making of your identity. It’s taking responsibility for your commitment and choice and creating yourself.

Sooooo...my advice for you will be - always try to live by a simple rules - If you think something is a sacrifice, you’re not going to do it and better try to look at everything you do as a choice. No one is actually forcing you to work hard, it’s always your choice:

* You’re not sacrificing your free time - You’re spending your time getting better at what you do.

* You’re not sacrificing fun and the new season of your favourite TV-serial - You’re getting smarter by reading a book.

* You’re not sacrificing a holiday and rest - You’re loving the grind and challenges. 

So keep in mind - You can always choose and then it’s not a sacrifice...it’s a well-considered choice!

Notice your progress

4 replies

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