What kind of masks do you wear?

By MudabbirAli
E. E. Cummings wrote,
“The greatest battle we face as human beings is the battle to protect our true selves from the self the world wants us to become.”

What one presents to the world is not necessarily how one feels of oneself…
Many people hide behind an identity or a mask to avoid being really “seen”. 

By hiding feelings and emotions, people are usually in fear of how they will be perceived and even of their own self-images. 

Unfortunately, the most frequent way this is manifested in behavior is by silence and withdrawal. Our culture is a factor which may cause people to hide their feelings - culture demands that the answer to the question “How are you?” is “Good”, “Great”...or “Awesome”. 
There’s this relentless drive to mask the expression of our true underlying feelings.
But...hidden feelings can be very destructive of the person having them and the people around them.

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Well so - today's post will be very long… sorry… but it was just cooking too long :)
But let’s discuss today finally of the issue of self-sabotage. It's something I notice about myself and others on a daily basis. And you know, it even makes me feel helpless and in physical pain when I see how lovely, good, talented people are sabotaging themselves.
Have you heard of sabotage yourself? Maybe you have no idea what that really means, because after all, you've never sabotaged yourself, right? How often do you stop yourself from doing something, waiting for something else to change before you move forward?
You feel that you still have to wait - until you are more ready, more aware, in a better financial position, confident or some other excuse :). But in reality, this magical right time will never come. Then five years will pass and you will still talk about it, feeling that you are not ready yet.
Sounds familiar, right?
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Galina Deinega Photography

I expect today's post might not to run too smoothly - as my thoughts are still quite messy at the moment.
And you know - that's okay :)!
So much happened last week - in the first half of the week, several coaching meetings brought me the idea of writing about self-sabotage - I've touched on this topic briefly before - but the news about the competition cancellation in the second half of the week – wiped me off…no article and no post at all…Honestly - I was also ready to be “strong” and do it anyway. But then…
...I decided to give myself some time and live my emotions through.
Too often we forget that different feelings are okay and as we always hear that - be positive, don't think negatively, don't feel negative feelings…we are so used to suppress our feelings and wear masks. However, if you ignore your feelings and suppress them, you will collect them and create completely new - often self-harming - stories in connection with them. However, by consciously taking the time to live through our emotions, we also get a real opportunity to let go of them and move on :). I will definitely write about self-sabotage in the close future ;)!

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About decisions and choices :)

Yesterday I had a perfect fitness date at Fitness Village with amazing athlete and lifestyle coach @fitliis - included heavy weights and lots of laughs, but also deeper discussions about mindset and my Insta followers could see - as a cherry on the top, we visited magical place named “Gateau” - they have amazing pastries and I seriously cannot resist to their cardamom and cinnamon swirls :D.
And a little side-note to make it clear - as I got many DM questions about how can I have something like that on my prep - carbs are not going to make you fat! Instead - carbohydrates can help you with the muscle growth and regeneration after training - if you’ll skip cheat on your muscles and limit their regeneration. Btw...yesterday I also walked a lot...~23km all together. But even if you are limiting your carb intake - the time after exercising is the best for using carbohydrates and it will help you to utilize also other supplements and etc. But that’s not the topic we are going to talk about today :)
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Notice your progress

Ask yourself, “How have I evolved?”. Photos from my first and from my last photoshoot with @happyemotionsphotography.

Picture on the left was taken in Spring 2018 and the right one in Autumn 2019...soooo...1,5 years between those photos..

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Where does fat go?

There are very different phrases - fat melts, fat burns, we sweat fat out - and none of it is really wrong, because this "burning" effect is needed to reduce fat tissue ;)

Almost every day I am asked how to lose weight, lose five kilos, lose weight, etc.… at the same time, in fact, they don't just want to lose weight, but to get rid of fat :).

Just a few days ago, I explained to a talented gymnast in a very simplified way how, as far as I know, body fat will go away, and I thought I would share this view with you here and it would be good to hear your opinions :)
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Fake news aka fake weight loss or butt gain

STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS! You know…some people don’t tell you the complete truth about their weight loss or booty gains journey so stop comparing yourself to others - because people won’t tell you they starved themselves to get in a dress size or took some „magic pills“ pills to speed up their weight loss or they are taking unnatural booty-pop poses. Some people want to make the journey seem like it’s simple and easy – to sell you something! 

Seriously! This 1000kcal-magic-tea or booty-band-building trend isn’t about health or fitness — it’s about selling you stuff!

Detox teas and other crap - yes, I've put my money in there too. Or eat 500 kcal and lose weight miraculously ... hmmm... a relatively old topic ...
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Living in constant guilt…

From the moment you are born, the writing of the story of your life are like a sponge and imperceptibly miraculously absorbing everything that others say about you or in your presence, and this is the beginning of your beliefs. Very often the behavior of our parents is driven by the best desire to support and guide us, but often the results is not supporting us, but cause us imperceptible frustration, guilt and suffering - “we are not enough… we are not good enough, skilled, good, beautiful, long, etc.”
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In today's social media age, we often hear challenges - "Achieve the body of your dreams in just X weeks!"

Pictures of great changes are included and you will feel how you would like to see such a result in yourself. Just before the important events, the idea of a magical program seems to be very tempting, which in a month or two will give you a dream body, because there is a voice in your head that confirms - at least in that short time I can make an effort!

And really - the first changes can be very big, especially if you haven't moved at all before and there is a lot of overweight. But what are the real reasons for this change being recognized?

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My first...

... blog corner!
As a fitness athlete, I have published my vision and written several shorter opinion buttons for a long time - but under my Instagram and Facebook profile, because I didn't have my own website :) and mostly in English, because half of my followers are outside Estonia.
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