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As a fitness athlete, I have published my vision and written several shorter opinion buttons for a long time - but under my Instagram and Facebook profile, because I didn't have my own website :) and mostly in English, because half of my followers are outside Estonia.

So it was high time to create a web home that would bring together at least some of what can be found about me in the endless vastness of the internet. I usually write about what is related to exercise, diet or general health - physical, mental and spiritual.

I started fitness trainings at the beginning of 2017, competing in the autumn of 2017 and from the first season I was one of the world's elite.

2019 was my most successful year - in the summer I became the Overall winner of the Luxembourg Diamond Cup and I also won the IFBB Elite PRO card, and in December 2019 I was crowned World Champion.

From the beginning I have been with the attitude that the coach can say what I have to do but I need to know for what reason and why exactly :). Therefore, I have consciously developed and improved my knowledge related to nutrition and body development since the beginning of 2017.

I can safely say that I live two lives at the same time - in addition to my very interesting and technical professional work, I am also an athlete and that is why everything related to weight training and nutrition has been part of my second job - to be as smart and professional an athlete as possible. My curiosity and desire to understand things has carried me through life and so into the world of fitness - I look for answers to my questions over and over again, I doubt and seek confirmation and do nothing blindly :). I like to walk very, very much and mostly I listen to podcasts and read books and articles during endless cardio hours.

I believe that this wisdom also plays a part in my success story.

My fitness journey hasn't lasted for years, but it has been very "thick". The decision to undertake the 1.5-year project became a long journey and from the first day I was 100% committed. When it turned out that the journey leads to the stage instead of the photo session, my attitude changed even more - just the hobby became a "job" and a passion.In bodybuilding, competitors can be divided into three levels:

Novice - compete only in local, national or lower level competitions.

Amateurs - compete not only in local, national or lower level competitions but also in international IFBB competitions. Amateur athletes who have succeeded in winning the right to redeem IFBB Elite PRO status can become professionals during the year.

Professionals - champions, compete in international IFBB Elite PRO competitions.

I started immediately as an amateur and competed for 5 seasons - that is, I have builded the stage shape at least five times.

Some numbers:

  • 27 competitions
  • 23 times in the semifinals
  • 21 times in the finals
  • 20 medals
  • 11 gold + 2 Overall gold
  • 4 times in Overall
  • 2 Overall wins

In 2020, I decided to go one step further and on 02.02.2020 my journey started as an IFBB Elite PRO athlete. Of course I understand what I was involved in and this is actually one of the reasons why I took this step :)

If I carried the tension of victory for two years, then at the moment I know that when I line up with young women in their 20s and 30s, in the best shape, who have developed their body and musculature for much more than three years, my competition is with myself and I enjoy this feeling of freedom :).

Although the direction of this blog will become clear over time :), the main topics will be those that speak to me :)


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